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:: Elderly Long-term Care Design Action / CareBee


近年長照議題相當受關注,2017年3月5% Design Action在高雄舉辦「這個春天,開始陪伴」的長期照護設計行動,分為輔具、居家照護、日間照護三個面向之議題,有幸參與日間照護的主題探討,這次專案我主要負責APP介面與主視覺設計、脈絡訪查,同時也參與了所有階段的輔助引導與分析作業,進行為期一至兩個月的設計行動,經歷實地的脈絡訪查後我們發現,照服員在日間照服領域中扮演的角色就像蜜蜂般忙碌,日常裡需要去面對的問題千變萬化的問題,例如照護知識與技巧、與長者家屬的良好溝通以及和同事團隊間的默契協作。然而社會公眾對於失智症的不了解,更加難以同理照護工作者所需承擔的巨大壓力。因此,我們創造一個專屬於照護工作者的知識討論平臺,創造銀髮照服社群相互分享資訊及經驗的機會,藉由知識分享縮短公眾與照服工作者間的距離。

The care workers are as busy as bees. In the care center they may have to encounter various issues such as the communication with the elders and their families, the cooperation with colleagues and all of these take caring skills and the knowledge of it. However, the ignorance and the misunderstanding about dementia care from the public not only cause more difficulty but also the pressure for the care workers. Hence, we decided to create a forum specifically for care workers and the public to share information and mutual experiences with each other to narrow down the communication gap between the care workers and the society.